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Surface Degreasers

Heavy Duty Degreaser




Food Safe Cleaners

Tiji Ammoquart   A sanitizer that is safe and effective for use in food preparation areas. Has the advantage of residual antimicrobial activity. It can be used on food contact surfaces such as kitchen counter tops and food processing areas  User Guide:  This is a product whose ingredients make it safe and effective. It destroys a wide range of harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is economical to use and is effective in controlling odors and can be used on sensitive surfaces without causing damage to them.


Terrazo Cleaners

Heavy Duty Terrazo Cleaner



Hotel Stain Remover

Tiji Stainoff 

An effective liquid rust and stain remover. Ideal for stain removal in urinals, toilet bowls, bathrooms, sinks, floors and swimming pools. It has extra cleaning power coupled with disinfecting action. – Ideal for Hotels/Restaurants (esp. ones with swimming pools), households, hospitals, schools/institutions of higher learning, cleaning companies 

User Guide: This product is used to remove dirt or grime and mild stains on ceramic or tiled surfaces. It also eliminates soap films from around sinks, bathtubs and bathroom floors and walls. Stainoff lifts dirt off the surface making it easy to wash away. It also has a combination of ingredients that form a strong stain removing agent. 

Terazzo and Ceramic Cleaner


Cutlery Destainer


Rust Removers

Rust Removers



Alkali Drainage Unblocker


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