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Tiji Sterilix

Tiji Sterilix 

A general purpose disinfectant cleaner that disinfects and deodorizes.  Ideal for washable surfaces or floors that need to be sanitized and can also remove stains. Suitable for hospitals, institutions or households. 

User Guide: - This product has ingredients that are effective in destroying disease causing organisms (bacteria).  As a result of killing bacteria, it eliminates odors as well as emits a refreshing smell.  The presence of foaming agents in the product enhances its cleaning power and it can be used to remove mild stains. It can be used on non-porous surfaces, such as diaper changing tables, floors, door and cabinet handles, toilets and bathroom surfaces.

Tiji Bleach (NaClO 6%w/v)

Tiji Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite 6%w/v) 

A clear light yellow-green liquid with chlorine-like odour that suitable for hospitals especially those with laboratories, theatres and morgues. A good product for sterilizing hospital surfaces and equipment. It can also be used to bleach hospital linen and patients’ gowns. 

User Guide:  This product is ideal for toilets, floors, bathrooms, Laboratories, operation theatres, emergency wards, stretchers etc. It is also effective in sterilizing highly contaminated surfaces; HIV, Hepatitis –B virus inactivation, T.B. Sputum disinfection and surfaces contaminated with spilled blood and body fluids, bleaching patients clothes, linen etc. Additionally it can be used for controlling mold or mildew in damp areas such as washroom areas and drains. 

Tiji Bleach (NaClO 3.5% w/v)

Tiji Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite 3.5% w/v) 

A clear light yellow-green liquid with chlorine-like odour. Suitable for households, hospitals and hotels that need to bleach/clean white linen or uniforms.  User Guide:  Similar to above product only that it has a lower concentration and is ideal for household use. Kills most types of micro-organisms. It is less affected by water hardness and effective even in low temperatures. Can also be use for disinifection of drinking water at a concentration of 1ltr per 4000ltrs of water.




Tiji Antibacterial Hand Wash

Tiji Antibacterial Hand Wash

An antiseptic hand washing cream. Suitable for households, hotels, cleaning companies, hospitals/clinics/dispensaries.  

User Guide:  This is a disinfectant used to wash hands that completely destroys disease-causing strains of bacteria. Apart from this, it has a combination of ingredients that make it effective in removing dirt yet is not harsh hence does not cause dryness or peeling of hands.    

Tiji Lysol

Tiji Lysol

This is a disinfectant best used to clean school washrooms and other public washrooms with heavy traffic e.g. entertainment spots, stadiums, marketplaces etc. 

User Guide:  Apart from its disinfecting properties it also has a strong smell which makes if effective in odor control in the areas it is used.    



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