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Tiji Multiclean

A gentle multi-purpose liquid detergent that is ideal for cleaning and degreasing utensils, floors and hands in hotels, hospitals and institutions. It also has a fresh lemon fragrance.  

Target markets are cleaning companies, schools/institutions of higher learning government institutions, hotels, restaurants, and households. 

User Guide:  This detergent has as part of its ingredients, surfactants, which help the water to bond with dirt, grime or grease on the surface being cleaned. On bonding it lifts it off surface, breaks it up making it easy to wash away.

Tiji Antibacterial Hand Wash

An antiseptic hand washing cream. Suitable for households, hotels, cleaning companies, hospitals/clinics/dispensaries.  

User Guide:  This is a disinfectant used to wash hands that completely destroys disease-causing strains of bacteria. Apart from this, it has a combination of ingredients that make it effective in removing dirt yet is not harsh hence does not cause dryness or peeling of hands.   




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