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Growth in sub sectors and Economic Intent

Today TIJI CHEMICALS EA LTD possesses two   manufacturing divisions –Water Division and Chemicals Division covering the needs of a wide range of products.  As far as issues of production are concerned, TIJI CHEMICALS EA LTD produces liquid detergents, cosmetics and disinfectants and Mineral water under carefully controlled hygiene conditions matching Food and Drug Industries.

Research and Development:

TIJI CHEMICALS EA LTD, being constantly aware of the trends and needs of the market– both domestic and regional – has retained the services of leading industry experts who  carries out systematic researches and experiments for the creation of new products and methods. Considering the three parameters of high importance – quality- effectiveness- protection of the environment, enabling TIJI CHEMICALS EA LTD to provides solutions to the contemporary demands in cleaning and disinfections areas, Cosmetics and Water Bottling. As a partner of big East African Companies acquires automatically the following advantages:

  1. Ensures the high quality of its products and services.
  2. Utilizes EAC regional know-how.
  3. Progressively consolidates its regional market share gains.
  4. Carries on regional market research.

Its prompt familiarization with the development of the detergents’ / cosmetics’/ disinfectants / Bottled Water/ sector, either on issues of new products (new applications, new recipes, colors, perfumes), or on issues of new packing (ecological bottles, new shapes, safe lids etc.) in combination with its flexibility, gives TIJI CHEMICALS EA LTD the advantageous potentiality on structuring and demonstrating instantly, every new product from the East African market. This advantage supports automatically our partners, so that they are constantly aware of what may constitute the future desires –demands of EAC consumers.

Investments to ensure the best available technology and Operations:

The production processes as well as the storage and the supply are organized in Customized buildings, with modern equipment’s under pristine rural settings. The quality control department is supported with the services of Kenya bureau of standards laboratories where company products are subjected to regular standards checks to ensure our products meet the high demands of quality.  

Our Mineral Water from the water division under the Trade Mark “tiji mineral water” is extracted from the deep underground pristine aquifers located within the Lake Victoria Basin, is filtered through a six stage filtration process, UV treated and bottled at source giving our customers the thirst quenching, pure taste of natural water, that has made it an instant darling to those whom we have been privileged to serve.    

A conjunction of all these parameters create OUR final products

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